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Capturing Your Brand’s Essence

My voice lends well to educational content, conversational learning that keeps the learner engaged, upbeat, expressive styles, calm and meditative projects as well as corporate business narration.
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Nurturing happy relationships

Client satisfaction is at the heart of my work. Discover how I cultivate lasting, happy client relationships through personalized attention and a commitment to exceeding expectations.
Chemscape Safety Technologies
It has really elevated the quality
Chelsea has voiced over a series of educational videos for our clients. We couldn't be happier with the results. It has really elevated the quality.
Lincoln Learning
Her skills and vocal intuition lend themselves to any type of project
As return customers, we always look forward to working with Chelsea and know we can rely on her to provide exceptional, error-free audio. We especially recommend her voice for academic/e-learning materials, though her skills and vocal intuition lend themselves to any type of project.

Diverse, but consistent

Hi! I'm Chelsea, a voice over artist from Ontario Canada now living on the east coast! My journey began in 2018, when I was invited by Gameloft to voice a character in one of their games...
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